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Creating a Great Work Culture

Aaron Chadbourne offers tips for creating a great work culture.

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Earlier in October, three companies were named “Best Place to Work in Maine.” Edward Jones, Patriot Subaru of Saco and Maine Information Network took home the best place to work in large, medium, and small companies respectively. These three organizations have fostered outstanding workplace environments. A key component to maintaining a positive and effective work environment is creating a great work culture.

Great work culture is important for employees. It’s what drives employees to work hard and efficiently. Work culture not only keeps them happy in the office, but it also helps retain employees and keeps them working with a company for years. The culture of your workplace is what defines your company, and your success depends on it. There are four ways to create a great work culture:

Encourage and Empower

The entire embodiment of a workplace culture is employees. They are what shape the work culture and keep it thriving. Whether or not a work culture is excellent is all dependent on them. It’s important to encourage and empower them. Be mindful of how to shape their thoughts and motivations towards your vision. Get them excited about you have in mind and love the culture that they work in. This promotes a great work environment.

Practice Empathy

It doesn’t matter what kind of work culture you choose for your company; it’s crucial to practice empathy. The entire office should show each other that they care about one another. This kind of care and compassion towards one another unites you all as a team. By caring about what the other is going through, in and outside of work, it promotes teamwork and trust. A cut-throat and competitive workplace culture is dangerous for business. It’s better to care for your employees.

Lead by Example

If you would like to the work culture to be a certain way, you must lead by example. Employees will look to you for guidance, which is why it’s important to follow your own work standards. In order to succeed, as a leader, you must hold yourself to the same or even higher standards. It’s your responsibility to shape the work culture. If employees see that you aren’t, they won’t follow to cultural change you’re trying to make. Always lead by example to create a positive workplace environment.

Communication is Key

For a great work culture, it’s essential to have good communication between you and other employees. Everyone in the workplace should share the same vision, goals and company mission. To ensure all employees are the same page, the workplace must have exceptional communication. Strong work cultures can effectively and efficiently communicate news, changes, goals, and successes throughout the entire workplace.

Having a positive work culture is the key to a company’s success. By actively working towards bettering your work culture, employees will become more passionate and excited about their work. Make sure to get everyone on board to create a great work culture.

Originally published at on October 18, 2018.

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